Time for part 3! If you made it this far, well done. Good luck on this one though. It may only be 3 cars in length, but it's all dailies, and they're all diesel. so not overly exciting.

There gets a point where you look at your race car/drift car and say to yourself, "this isn't really suitable for the road anymore." At the time, an MX5 with no dash, bucket seats and harnesses, firm suspension and a depowered steering rack, fits that bill easily.

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Mazda 6 (2004 2.0D)

The hunt for my first daily was fairly straightforward. Go to auto trader. Put in diesel, estate with a tow bar and max £500. This gave me 2 choices, a Mitsubishi Legnum or a Mazda 6. Not being a fan of the Legnum, I set about trying to find myself a decent, or as decent as I could for £500, Mazda 6.

A quick search across a few of the usual sites and I found a blue 2004 2.0TDi with Bose speakers and a tow bar, bonus! The catch? It was 375 miles away in Plymouth. One, very long, road trip later and my new (and first) daily was home.

Now if you know me, and if you've ready part 1 and 2, you will. You'll know I like to modify my cars and the daily was no exception. First on the list was some Heko wind deflectors. Follows by some paint. Specifically on the chrome. Front grill and inside the headlights were painted, a mod I'd done previously on my Saxo and a light tint on the rear lights to take off the Lexus feel.

As this was going on, it was earning its keep. New engine for the MX5, collected no problem. Borrowed engine crane to fit said engine? No problem. Taking the donor supercharged car to be stored while I moved house? No problem.

There really is something about having a workhorse that you don't care about as a daily driver that makes driving a pretty dull car so much better. Speed bumps at 30? Friends neighbors reversing into you? Cramming 24 filthy drift tyres in the back and getting mess everywhere? This did it all without a care in the world.

However, when the MOT came up 10 months later, it was beyond saving. CV joint gone. Headlight bulbs kept blowing and rusty arches. It was never going to pass, so it was scrapped and I get about finding a replacement.

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Mazda 6 (2014 2.2D)

There was only one logical step up from my Mazda 6 wasn't there? Yep, another Mazda 6. This time the new shape, which I still think is a good looking car. But as well as that, it was brimming with tech, especially compared to anything I'd owned previously. Sat nav, bluetooth, cruise, auto wipers and lights. Everything to make daily driving a breeze.

This daily got to work quickly. With me moving house, not long after buying the car, I had a tow car fitted (£800 by Mazda!) And got to work bringing the donor supercharged MX5 and the shell over. Full build thread coming on that one.

You also tend to make a lot of friends when you own a car and trailer. Aside from taking my own MX5 to drift days, I collected a Beetle for my friend for his wedding car business, helped my friend move units, took a friend to a drift day and another to a Formula G round as he had an untested turbo set up and collected Nicole in her MX5 after it decided to become a 3 cylinder!

Of course, this daily didn't stay unmodified for long either. But this car, I did differently. I took the ethos my friend used on his MX5. Everything should look standard, ish. For example, I missed the Bose speakers from my old Mazda 6, so I wanted to fit a sub but without changing the stock head unit.

After some research I found a plug and play unit that let me add a sub and amp to the stock unit! So with that ethos, I set about modifying the rest of the car. Dechrome (I hate chrome), changed the wheels, lowered, wind deflectors and that was about it. The usual things, like being able to play your own music, I didn't need to do, so it mostly got left alone for 3 and a half years.

This one, I'd still own, if it wasn't for some adult financial decisions I had to make. With a friend having expressed an interest in owning another Mazda 6, I reached out to him and he was happy to buy it from me. As well as this, he gave me his old car which he was basically going to scrap but had 7 months MOT left on it.

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Ford Mondeo (2008 2.0D)

A Ford. But it was free, so I can't complain I guess. Being the Titanium model, it's really well specced for a car that's 13 years old. Cruise, hands free calls, and currently, 44mpg.

Not much else to say here. I've had it a few weeks and I don't plan to spend any money on it. And right now, as of writing this, I have lent the car to my sister as her car's timing chain has gone.

What replaces this? Who knows. Stay tuned (what is this, TV?) to find out!


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