, September 16, 2021

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Micra K11 Blog Entry 039

  •   2 min reads
Micra K11 Blog Entry 039

It was another early start and I was petrified of walking through the door, hoping the 2k lacquer hadn't reacted with the graffiti paint. To my delight it hadn't, woohoo!

Although the first thing I noticed was the white on the front wings and the grille were brighter to the rest. Thats because the white was sprayed over the lacquer and then lacquered over the top. Later on all of the white will get re-done so it'll eventually match

With the windows unmasked it was time to fit the graphics followed by cleaning the glass,roof and spoiler.

Yes, I know the tow sticker isn't above the tow eye. I'll get another one cut lol

Painting in a dusty unit isn't ideal, it has its faults and flaws but we can all agree it's much better than it was before :)

We got the car done and had arrived at Peterborough East of England Arena the next day (Saturday 3rd July) for one of the UK's largest modified car show, Modified Nationals.

Turns out the Micra got more attention than my R34

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