First part of this update is some good news, I've booked my first track day of the year woohoo! I'll be heading to Snetterton in July with a small group of friends so its gonna be a fun day.

When the Gizfab manifold was fitted it made the exhaust quite loud and raspy, which isn't ideal for a track day. So I purchased a stainless centre section with 2 resonators from Gizfab to help sort it. It still has a low end grunt but WOT it's certainly alot quieter than before

One of the jobs that needed doing before the rest of the car got sprayed, was to have the bootlid welded up. I removed the rear wiper shortly after purchasing the car and had used an ebay blank. The wiper hole along with the holes for the original boot handle were welded by a friend and I done the filler work.

The corners need some more sanding but overall its come out pretty well IMO

The other job I've recently carried out is the removal of the sound deadening and painting the floor.

I used a freeze spray and hammer to remove the majority of it, followed by a Makita multi tool to remove the pieces stuck by the factory seam sealer. Unfortunately I didn't weigh what I removed, but reading on the forum its approx 9-10kg

The holes were abit scabby around the edges so I cleaned them up with a drill wire brush attachment and gave it a coating of rust treatment.

Once that was dry I applied seam sealer to cover the holes to prevent water getting in

Next was to paint the floor. I used smooth red Hammerite so it matched the rear half of the interior (although that was aerosol and this was brush on)

This weekend the rear arch should hopefully be sorted,removal of the graphics and door boards and any dings/dents filled


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