, September 16, 2021

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Do you want to join the AWESOME Combustionpunks community? brilliant! Welcome aboard!!! There are a couple of ways to get involved :)

First, join the forum and say hi :) The forum is where we do most of our in depth conversation on any given topic, organise meets and shows etc.

If you want to proudly display your project on this main website, then just drop Yetidragon a message on the forum... he can sort you out a log in and get you going :)

We also have a presence on all the usual social media platforms, look us up on facebook, or instagram, or twitter etc etc, some platforms are more heavily used than others, some vary depending on what is going on, EG Instagram gets very busy around show season :D Facebook group is in heavy use in run up and through show season, all year round the Forum is where things generally start off :)

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