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So, fifty years ago Porsche released the first 911, to celebrate this, the 911’s were out in force, not just 911’s, pretty much every Porsche variant could be found hidden away somewhere….(okay, apart from a 917. I couldn’t find a 917.)

Driven Daily

Firstly, this daily driven, 3.2 Carrera, has been to the Nurburgring…..”many times” to quote the owner, who apparantly doesn’t really push it round because he has another car to do that with, so being his daily he just plays there…..yeah, Lucky. Still, having a full safety devices cage still tells you that it may get abused every once in a while….

Classic badge

Signs that he may have been going to the Nordschleife for a while are pretty evident by having badges which are pushing  the age of the car themselves.

Classic interior

You’ve got to admit, the interior on these cars is damn classy, from the 1960’s not much changed, this 1974 model looked perfect sporting it’s wooden Nardi wheel, amazing how such a small thing makes such a big difference inside a car.

 The 912 above is pretty much a testament to the classic lines of the Porsche, sometimes I feel there’s no wonder they’ve not really changed much, well, not often. Shame that it has the naff little engine though


They should just make all Porsches look like this, RSR awesomeness…..because full on race car.

Flat 6

One thing I’ve always had reservations on in a porsche is the engine bay, it’s diffucly to see anything and it usually just looks like something you’ll find in your boiler room. So looking into this proper racer, I finally found the engine, and yes. Okay, I wouldn’t mind one.

Carrera GT

Still, with all the classics about, you can’t avoid catching something like this and not taking a look. It’s never been a favorite of mine. (I’m a ferrari guy, what can I say) but really……it’s pretty damn cool.

Carrera RS

Here’s the namesake. The legendary RS Lightweight Carrera, with a proper ducktail rear spoiler. The way this car sits still grabs your attention and the silhouette of the car is uniquely good looking.


Over the entire weekend, I turned from not being a Porsche fan, to actually yearning for one. One for the dream garage I think.


– Marc

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