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Here we go, In this one I’m giving you probably something you were more wanting to see, because, well…..who wouldn’y?

The hotseat

Every race fans dream? Sitting inside a real Group C car looks like fun when it’s not even moving, it’s still amazing that such a complex machine can be so reasonably basic inside compared to todays F1 cars, or even current GT cars. Driver adjustability is much less than now, but when these were racing as new, they were way ahead of anything else.


When I say complex, I mean this….I mean, look at it. It’s mental, two gigantic turbo’s bolted to a 3.0L V6 producing a backbreaking 750BHP….but still not enough it seems to compete with the thunder of the Mercedes C11. Which dominated both races and qualifying, sounded glorious with it’s 5.0 V8 and 605FT/LB of torque, it seems outright power may just corrupt afterall.

Famous Names

One of the obvious advantages of driving in the classic race series’ is that you can drive cars with proper legends behind them, driver and car alike. The particular C11 racing today was one driven by the one and only Michael Shumacher. Prior to his F1 debut he drove this car in Mexico 1990.

Le Mans legend

Further back in time and you have more legends coming out of the woodwork. Jacky Ickz, of Le Mans 1969 fame when he elected not to do the, since stopped, running start. Drove this Ferrari 512S in 1970, never finishing that race due to an accident, thus not adding a second le-mans win to his name until 1975.

ScuderiaFerrari Alfa

Further still and you come to pre-1940’s race team organiser, Enzo Ferrari, and one of the P3 Alfa’s bought for Scuderia Ferrari prior to Enzo manufacturing his own cars.

Senna JPS

I’ll leave you with this, the weekend was set as a tribute to him, so it seems only fitting that I should round up the name game with the late, great Ayrton Senna and the 98t, which was doing demonstration laps all weekend, along with a select few of his other cars.

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