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So, on to Day two of the historic festival, the first day with some proper racing. Also, the first day with proper amounts in attendance (the previous day had about half of the spectators, which did make life easy when you want some clear photo’s……but I muddled through I think…Just have to become creative….and ask people to move for a moment.

Formula 2

I was on the hunt today, chasing down cars getting ready to race. It’s one of the best things I found with this weekend, drivers, owners, mechanics, they’re all willing to chat, let you have a proper nosey around and tell you lots of little bits of information that you just wouldn’t know otherwise…..or at least I wouldn’t.

Tyre swap

This guy for example, while he was swapping the tyres on this Healey, he was also discussing with me how long the tyres actually last on these cars, which, if you’re interested, is roughly 90 minutes at full race pace, maybe pirelli could learn something from these old cross-ply tyres for F1?…….

Ready to race?

The amount going on here is great to see, while one lot of cars are racing on track, the next lot are preparing to leave, lining up for the out lap from Redgate. The only cars using the pits for entry into the track were Group C, Formula 2 and the Pre-1940 GP cars…sounds like a lot, until you realise this weekend has 13 different disciplines going on over the 3 days.

E-types are an obvious favourite at this sort of event, and they came here in all different forms, you had the more well known convertible (above) to the much less known about (unless you’re quite into the cars) Low drag coupé (below), something made for Le-Mans in 1963….alright, it’s not the original one (there’s only one of each version done) but still, I wouldn’t say no to one.

Air don’t drag me down.

These cars, although they all look pristine, get raced hard and sometimes do end up in accidents.

It’ll buff out….

Sadly, this is where I’m going to have to say that these accidents sometimes are worse than just a rear quarter panel, and on Sunday (day three) one of the Masters Drivers in pre-66 Touring cars, named Christian Deveraux, driver of a 1965 Mini Cooper S, lost his life in an incident at Coppice. A terrible end to the otherwise fantastic weekend. Day 3 is still to come but feel I must take this opportunity to offer my condolences, I would like to take this moment to say how good a driver he seemed to be, using lift off over-steer to carry more speed into the Fogarty esses than any other driver for morning qualification and throughout the race.


RIP Christian Deveraux.

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