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So, I’ve been very busy with my car hence the lack of posting……


Firstly, my head gasket blew, which most people would of been really annoyed at….me however, nope, I saw this as an opportunity…albeit….an expensive one.

So I travelled  to a proper MX5 workshop, complete with MAX5 car in the corner, turbo’s under the desk and superchargers on the shelves. This is where I was to be spending my future week or so while I stripped the head off, emptied the engine bay of rubbish that no-body wants and re-built it back up again…..

So, I got skimmed the head 39thou, this is down to the marker points which limit the amount you can skim the head. For this to be done the head was taken to Jim Stokes Workshops ( ), one of the most amazing places I’ve ever set foot in, with the first car in sight being a 1956 Jaguar ‘D’ type,  just behind a 1958 Ferrari 250 Testarossa…..Needless to say I stopped caring about my crappy little head for a while….
Once I had the head skimmed I re-built it back up, dropped in back onto the block, I fitted the intake manifold with the head on the bench, as it was just easier that way….then dropped her back onto the block

Fitted a MS2 ecu, got it mapped on a dyno…and aside from a bolt shooting out from the vernier pulleys and destroying a cambelt, we were finished!

(fitment of the megasquirt)

All together!

Since this point I’ve done some further work, which has included fitting a new alternator, starter, 6-speed gearbox AND a lightened flywheel with an exedy clutch. None of which I have photo’s of.


And here’s the sound…..


A special thanks to Nick @ Skuzzle Motorsport:

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